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1st Annual "I Bird, I Vote" Bird Conservation Summit

Inaugural event empowers bird enthusiasts to engage in bird conservation projects in Maryland and Washington D.C.
Photo: Hugh Simmons

More than 70 Audubon Chapter leaders and conservation advocates attended our first ever "I Bird, I Vote" Bird Conservation Summit on April 9, 2016. Held at the Patuxent National Wildlife Visitors Center, participants came to learn about programs like Important Bird Areas, State Wildlife Action Plans, land use advocacy, Lights Out! campaigns, the Maryland Bird Conservation Initiative, and more. The event was a tremendous success and Audubon Maryland-DC is committed to making this an annual occasion to encourage others to advocate on behalf of birds and their habitats.

To learn more about this event and other bird conservation initiatives, please contact Dave Curson at

Audubon's Dave Curson speaking at our first annual "I Bird, I Vote" Bird Conservation Summit.

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