Bird-Friendly Communities

Bird populations are in decline as suitable habitat continues to be lost to development, agricultural, and other land uses. With 2.1 million acres converted to residential use each year, how you landscape and maintain your yard can make a difference for bird conservation and environmental health. You and your family can enhance your enjoyment of your property by making it a more welcoming place for birds and a more balanced part of the natural community. 

Here in Maryland and the District of Columbia, we are working to make sure residents in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed understand their own impact on the health of the Bay and the birds and other wildlife that call it home. Through workshops, outreach programs to community groups and working one-on-one with residents, Audubon is helping make Maryland and DC more bird-friendly.

Learn more about what it means to be a bird-friendly community and about the Mid-Atlantic’s bird-friendly habitat recognition program here.

How you can help, right now

Audubon Maryland-DC and Audubon Pennsylvania have joined forces to become Audubon Mid-Atlantic.