Green Leaders

Green Leaders works with middle school students from southeast Baltimore to empower them on the science and issues surrounding climate change and its effect on their local community and beyond.

Patterson Park Audubon Center is empowering students to educate their local community about climate change through Green Leaders, our after-school program for middle school students at Hempstead Hill Academy in southeast Baltimore. Our Green Leaders learn about the complex issues of climate change through trust-building activities, birding, plantings and fun exploratory games both indoors and outdoors.

Our program is designed to give our students knowledge, leadership and communication skills to take action on climate change in their communities. Students shape their message in their own voices through projects such creating a video, making oral and visual presentations to the public and local decision makers, and building bird-friendly habitats in their neighborhoods. Through their work, our Green Leaders are inspiring the local community to combat climate change through three signature initiatives: creating local bird-friendly habitats; rethinking energy usage at home, work, and school; and advocating for a healthier climate for our future generations.

Our Green Leaders program is helping these students truly understand and advocate on behalf of climate science in their community and beyond which has been gaining the notice of local media. Please click here to read an article in the Baltimore Guide about our work.  

How you can help, right now

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