Celebrate Native Plant week on the 51st Anniversary of Earth Day

Native Plant Week to start April 19th in Talbot County

Easton, MD (April 13th, 2021) – The Talbot County Council has declared April 19-25 Native Plant Week in Talbot County. The proclamation was virtually delivered at the Council’s April 13th meeting in Easton. “We are honored to have the Talbot County Council recognize the importance of native plants in our local landscape and proclaim the upcoming week Native Plant Week”, said Mark Scallion, Director of Pickering Creek Audubon Center. 

Native Plant Week aims to bring awareness of and celebrate plants that are native to Talbot County for all the benefits they bring to wildlife and humans. Flowering Dogwood and Serviceberry are both showcasing their flowers as Native Plant Week arrives with Mayapples and Spring Beauty popping up throughout woodlands with nectar producing Tulip Poplars ready to satisfy our bees not far behind. 

Native plants are critical habitat for hundreds of species of birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. Native plants provide crucial sources of food and shelter for local and nationally endangered animals while some native species of plants are endangered as well. Non-native plants often outcompete native plants and cause major disruptions to local ecosystems like marshes and forests, reducing biodiversity along with numerous other issues. Native plants require less water, less pesticides and herbicides, less fertilizer and are more accustomed to the local climate while supporting a plethora of local biodiversity.  You can find out what native plants are good for where you live by visiting Audubon's Native Plant Database.

“By signing this proclamation, the county council recognizes how important native plants are to not just animals in the wild, but also our local community,” said Harrison Jackson, Outreach Coordinator for Pickering Creek Audubon Center. “We hope that everyone in Talbot County  will join us in celebrating native plants during the week of April 19th and especially on Thursday, April 22nd for the 51st anniversary of Earth Day!” 

About Pickering Creek Audubon Center

Pickering Creek Audubon Center is a 400 acre wildlife center just North of Easton, Maryland. Pickering Creek is dedicated to connecting nature and the people of the mid-shore through education, stewardship & exploration. The Center has over 5 miles of trails that meander through meadows, wetlands & forests filled with a wide array of native plants and animals. The Center is open 365 days of the year from dawn to dusk and is free of charge. Due to the ongoing health crisis, bathroom and center facilities beyond our trails are limited. For more information, visit, call us at 410-822-4903 and follow us on Facebook & Instagram. 

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